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If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe
(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of earth and the Earth with Electric EYEs
Revelations 8:12?
Largest Sun Spot in the Universe or
"a third of the sun was smitten" ?
Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What don't you see?

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The Electric Sky

Revelations 8:12 - a star with a partial photoshere
"A challenge to the Myths of modern astronomy"
Written by astronomer and Electric Engineer Donald E. Scott so you know its a good intro into the space part (Plasmaverse / Plasma Cosmology) of the Electric Universe. His site has a lot more on the Electric Universe.
Article and a personal review of the book including a possible answer to
Revelations Chapter 8 verse 12 and the 4th Angel?

Then the fourth Angel blew [his] trumpet, and a third of the sun was smitten... and a third of the daylight [itself] was withdrawn...

Does the image on page 156 have anything to do with Revelations 8:12?

Thunderbolts of the Gods

image linking to Review and purchase the Thunderbolts of the Gods book and accompaning Video
"A new view of Earth, the stars and the Universe"
THE Electric Universe book. Written by Wal Thornhill and David Talbott. Spine tingling stuff. Essential reading for everyone in the Electric Universe. Order the video and if you can get someone to watch it for 30 minutes they will be in a Brave New Universe.
Further reviews and 1st chapter pdf is also available

GEMSTONES of the World

A reference book on everything to do with Gemstones. Not an Electric Universe book? If everything is electric then would a sign be that the Birth of Rock is still happening?

If it is a Plasmaverse then could you investigate and find local signs that this book could help with?

There are a lot more books, ebooks, magazines, newsletters, reviews etc. Includes sites with FREE downloadable versions of Electric Universe, Plasma Cosmology and Catastrope books, articles and information

multiVerse - EU links - highlights

The Electric Universe site. Picture Of The Day, the Thunderbolts Forum. If its EU and especially Plasma Cosmology you are after then it is likely to be here
Did you think dowsing was just about finding water?

Plasma Cosmoloy
nEUbies - great place to start learning about the Plasma Universe. Also helps you progess in your journey through the EU once you understand the basics. To sharpen the learning curve check out his videos on youtube

Myths and Legends were inspired by things around us. It's an Electrical Universe. Great Squatting Man and Plasma Discharge petroglyphs photos. Why were the Gauls, and even Asterix, afraid of the only one thing?

This is only a small section of the varied EU websites available. If you want to test your science knowledge and understanding against Mr Plasmaverse himself then you will get all the science stuff you need at his site

Even more multiverses are available... Open your mind and your 8 circuits. If it's not an Electric Universe then there will be not be a circuit

enlightning - Electric Universe + Plasma Cosmology videos

There are more and more out there, here is a good starting selection